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Physical Genes
Ear Types
LopRaPuRabbit + Puppy
ElfRaTiRabbit + Tiny
WidePuTiPuppy + Tiny
Tail Types
PrimateLoWoLong + Wolf
MediumLoNuLong + Nub
FlagLoBuLong + Bulb
FawnWoNuWolf + Nub
PlushWoBuWolf + Bulb
CottonNuBuNub + Bulb
Horn Types
Single-prongedSpHorns only have one point, localized only on the face.
Multi-prongedMpOne set of horns that appear like antlers with multiple points.
SpursSuModifier - Horns may appear on the entire body instead of just the face.
Feathered WingsFwWings similar to avian species.
Leather WingsBwWings similar to bats and other mammalian species.
PterodactylFwBwFeather Wings + Leather Wings - Creates solid sail-like wings, thin and featherless like leather wings but with one finger joint like feathered wings. May have slits cut into them to be shaped like feathered wings.
HarpyHaModifier - Instead of being on the back, wings are on either the front or back legs.
RaptorHaHaHarpy + Harpy - Modifier - Instead of being on the back, wings are on both the front and back legs.
AngelicAnModifier - Adds an additional pair of wings. (Harpy/Raptor does not apply to these wings.)
SeraphicAnAnAngelic + Angelic - Modifier - Adds two pairs of wings, totalling three.
OrangeReYeRed + Yellow - Tan/Orange/Umber
GreenYeBlYellow + Blue - Mint/Green/Forest
PurpleBlReBlue + Red - Lavender/Purple/Royal
Color Strength
FadedLeThe coat does not deepen fully and remains its child colors for the Muta's entire life.
SaturationSeThe coat deepens further than typical, causing dark colors.
Natural Coat
LeusticLeLightens natural colors
MelanisticMeDarkens natural colors
AlbinisticAlCauses natural colors to lack pigmentation.
Natural Pigment
Head Mark
HoodHoSpreads from the forehead, top of skull, or eyes, down to the shoulders.
MaskMaSpreads from the nose or eyes, down to the jaw.
CollarCoOne or more rings between the jaw and shoulders that connect on the front of the throat or spine. May be full patches, but must have one full connection fron throat to spine.
DottingDoSpots reminiscent of spotted tabbies, cheetahs, or deer. Should not overlap
RosettesRoNatural rings that may have a colored center.
MottlingMoFaded, textured spots
DripDoRoDotting + Rosettes - Large stretched spots along the spine that may have a lighter center, akin to snakes or geckos
FleckingDoMoDotting + Mottling - Clustered spots that may have a colored interior
AgateRoMoRosettes + Mottling - Solid clustering of dots that may overlap.
TigerTsVertical stripes that may appear like a tiger or brindled dog's
TabbyTaIrregular swirling stripes akin to a domestic cat
DunDuMinimal striping on the wrists and ankles, with optional striping on the face, tail, and shoulders, and an optional solid stripe down the spine. May present when recessive.
WavesTsTaTiger + Tabby - Thick, smooth lines reminiscent of light on top of water.
BarringTsDuTiger + Dun - Horizontal stripes that follow the spine, akin to a boar
BandingTaDuTabby + Dun - Large, thick stripes that may ring around the muta's legs/tail
AgoutiSsFsSaddle + Sabling
MerleMrLighter or darker patches of color from the same base swatch. May have up to two separate patch colors, akin to calico cats or African wild dogs.
MistMiColors from the base swatch swirl on the coat. Should be textured or soft-edged. May be a simple gradient
HalvedHaOne solid patch of color from the same base swatch that splits the pelt at the waist or vertically across the spine/belly. May be faded.
PiebaldPiSolid patches with no small holes in the main portion.
AppaloosaApOne solid or semi-solid patch expanding from somewhere on the back that may cover the entire Muta. Must have holes or cuts revealing the coat below inside
Natural Traits
BarbelsBarThick, semi-flexible whiskers protrude from the body. May present as catfish barbels, antennae, and other tendrils.
GillsGilExternal (amphibious) or semi-external (fish) gills are created on the head or neck.
FinsFinFins or frills from any aquatic species develop along the body.
Split JawSpjThe bone of the jaw is split, allowing it to unhinge like a snake's.
Komodo MouthKomThe mouth creates an excess of saliva. The Muta often seems to drool.
ScutesScuScale-like scutes develop on the muta, akin to birds or pangolins.
CarapaceCarA hard keratin armor develops around the limbs and over joints, reminescent of bugs or platemail.
TalonsTalNails are sharp and elongated.
WebbingWebAt least one pair of paws are larger with webbing between the digits, like otters, bears, or seals.
Facial PouchFpoCheeks and/or neck have very elastic skin, like bird crops, pelicans, or hamsters.
Marsupial PouchMpoA marsupial-type pouch on the torso.
PlumedPluFeathers develop like tufts and/or creates trails like birds of paradise.
Warped EyesWeyEyes are mutated, causing more or less eyes than typical. All eyes must remain on the skull.
Warped TailWtaTail is multiplied or removed. Must remain the same type.
Warped EarsWeaEars are multiplied or removed. Must remain the same type.
Warped TeethWteTeeth are mutated, causing fangs, tusks, multiple rows, hinged canines, squid beaks, or any other odd teeth found in nature.
WyrmWyrLong body
NagaNagThe body does not develop hind legs. The ribcage extends into a long tail that supports the muta.
CentaurCenThe body has two torsos, with one upright and the other quadrupedal.
BlushBluCreates a solid or faded patch on the body that has the blood color of the muta (typically red).
RustingRusFaded spots of pigment show through parts of the natural coat.
BirthmarkBirA soldi marking unique to the Muta that is an abstract or semi-abstract shape.
Magical Traits
CoalescingCoaEssence visibly coalesces around the Muta's body from the surrounding atmosphere or extends from them as mist.
HaloHalOne or more floating sigils form near or around the Muta.
InstabilityInsA constant aftereffect or unnatural effect such as blurring, light glares, or otherwise glitching surrounds the muta as an aura due to uncontrollable essence use.
LightningLitEnergy lashing through the Muta's essence forms as harmless lightning around them.
LeylineLeyEssence draws out of surrounding surfaces, flowing to the Muta and more readily forms physically in the environment around them.
WispsWisBalls of essence, similar to will-o-the-wisps or swamp lights, manifest around the Muta.
StereoscopicSteEssence is two separate colors, and may be blended.
PresentationPreEssence may affect natural markings, causing them to present in essence hues. Flesh and blood may be essence tinted due to how essence has begun to affect the natural body itself.
FacetFacEssence grows in the Muta's follicles, causing the entire pelt to have a glossy sheen
GlitterGliDander and shed fur glitter with essence.
InversionInvPelt traits may have inverted hues.
MetallicMetAll essence markings presents as shiny, metallic, or otherwise iridescent.
NeonNeoEssence markings glow- the intensity can be optionally controlled. Optionally eyes and blood glows
PatternedPatSingular or repeated use of a simple shape
TapestryTapRepeated, smooth lines run across the pelt. Should not be exclusively sharp angles.
RunicRunWriting-like runes may appear on the pelt. This may be writing as long as the letters used are not from a real world language; unlicensed fictional languages are accepted
MathmaticMatSharp-angled or geometric markings- should not be like a stamp, but instead reminiscent of circuitry, graphs, or other hard lined examples.
CracksCraCracks of essence show on the pelt, akin to lightning, veins, shattered glass, or broken pottery. Should not be thick
SkeletalSkeSkeletal markings appear on the pelt above where the same bones would be.
BiodiverseBioA thick layer of nutrient-rich fat and a strong membrane between the internals/muscles and skin forms to allow the pelt to be used as a living garden.
GeodeGeoSmooth or crystalline divots of semi-solid essence forms on the body. It's not flexible, but it does move with the body. It may not replace or move any vital organs.
PlatingPlaSolid, crystalline essence grows out of the skin. May create chitin-like armor, spikes, horns, or anything else. Intricately etched designs require a mirror.
BasiliskBasSoulstone material (hardened, stone-like calcium) appears in patches on the body. May immobilize parts and mimic stone constructs/porcelain.
GoopGooEssence leaks through specialized glands on the muta's skin, creating a liquid or semi-liquid substance.
GummyGumLiquid essence is stored in pockets on the pelt, creating smooth sacs.
RibbonsRibSemi-hardened essence creates ribbons or fabric-like material tied around the body. May create long extensions like bug wings or somewhat complex structures.